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Creating a Free Blog

Hey there,

Having a blog is easy but when you’re starting out you usually have lots of questions and need the answers.

A blog is a web log – an online journal – that is regularly updated (daily, weekly, fortnightly etc) with entries.

Special techology is used to the entries but it doesn’t take special skills to set up and run a blog. You can get a free blog from a heap of places. I use for mine and am very happy with it.

You can add pictures to your blog either by copying them in or uploading them to your blog supplier. I copy in the pictures for the entries and have uploaded the images in the Album area. Once you figure out how to do it – follow the instructions offered by the blog service – it is easy.

Blogs are great ways to communicate and are quite addictive. Once you get into it you keep on going!

For a Blog FAQ by Jennifer Kyrnin click here!

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