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Creating Artist Palettes as Jewellery

I’ve had an idea about creating a series of artist palette necklaces and brooches for ages now and I finally settled down to a design and got making. Happily I’m thrilled with the results!

Artist palette necklaces and brooches by Creatively Belle

Hand painted and crafted Artist palette necklaces and brooches by Belinda

The hunt for the duo necklace and brooch finding has taken a while but I’m really happy with this design and it fits the artist palette perfectly, thankfully.

Starting to Paint

I started painting last year for my Australia wildlife jewellery series and this year I’ve started going to a watercolour class and loving it.

So to celebrate doing something for my self that matters a great deal to me I wanted to design and make something in my natural medium of porcelain – it sounds a bit odd writing that out but it is a logical emotional connection within me.

Creative Experimenting

It’s meant experimenting with a new collection of ceramic under-glazes and testing colours, as well as learning some new skills and making a final decision about the art palette and brush itself. It came down to just making my mind up and going for it.

The making process itself takes weeks with the multiple kiln firings and it was nearly tormenting having to wait and wait and wait to see if the idea worked. The ultimate proof is in the market pudding and the first weekend at market they started selling – a wonderful relief and joy – if they sell I can keep making them!

A lady in our small art class even bought one so that was a very special compliment.

Let Me Know

I have them online now too in the Creatively Belle shop.

Of course, if you’re interested in them as gifts for clients I can do a custom order for you too.

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