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Creating Balance

Hey there,

One of the things I find most satisfying is creating a well balanced design – balanced in shape, form and colour.

It does take practice but it really isn’t so hard, I don’t think. Not as long as you’re happy to accept the humility of remaking pieces and of listening to feedback (and let’s be open about it, some of our friends and family can be a little too blunt with their feedback sometimes, forgetting that words have effect on the heart too).

I find also leaving a design for a while and coming back to it with the view of making changes as needed to be very useful too. Sometimes changes are needed, sometimes you realise that the design is better than you remembered – a lovely experience!

But if a design doesn’t have balance in it, if it doesn’t work, don’t buy it, don’t set it out into the world. Remake it into something that it needs to be that has balance and beauty.

Wonderful Earrings with Balance and Beauty!


Belinda – come play at Creatively Belle online


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