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Creating Inspiration

Hey there,

We’ve all heard the saying ‘inspiration is 99% work and 1% of spark of an idea” and it’s fairly true. What matters is doing the work, putting in the effort to make things happen and building up on the initial idea, the initial vision that forms the inspiration.

But how is that inspiration brought about? This can seem like the most challenging of things to achievebut there are ways to help bring about inspriation and although it is different for each of us.

For me I’m most creative when I’m peaceful within myself, I’m having space to do things that give me joy. It doesn’t have to be hours of costly activity, it can be as simple as having a cup of tea and watching life around me, listening to a favourite CD, going to the art gallery, having a good big belly laugh with friends about something completely silly, having a tidy space so I can layout my beads, reading a good book, having a massage, sitting on the cliff and watching the waves come in, any manner of spirit cleansing simple activities.

So what brings you inner peace? How can you bring this into your daily life (or at least weekly life)? It can be challenging with busy family and work life but whatever you do in life you need to create space for yourself to bring balance and inner peace about.

So give inspiration a chance to spark by creating a healthy and happy environment for yourself and be kind to yourself – one of the biggest secrets!

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Enjoy and smiles,



One Response to Creating Inspiration

  1. Kel 21 March 2006 at 10:04 am #

    For some strange reason, I am always creative at night??? I always find it hard to come up with good idea’s in the day. I’ve always been a night owl so I guess it’s just habit. But I often think about it and how strange it is!

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