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Creating Space For Good Things to Come

I’ve done one of the best things I’ve done in ages – I’ve cleared space in the spare room/store room/work room and just love it! I recommend it to everyone to get the new season kick started with a good clear out to make room for more good things to come into your life.

A heap of things went out to the op shop while there were lots of trips down to the recycling bin with loads of old papers and magazines. Who would have thought I had so much paperwork that just wasn’t needed? (I won’t let my family see that question).

Now I’m going to get my jewelry stand stock sorted neatly into a bookcase, get a dust cover to go over the spare bed so the covers don’t fade now they are revealed (use to have stock covering it that needed a quick removal before visitors came to stay) and the room will be done! So go for it, any corner or entire room that’s been bugging you with its messiness, get it sorted and enjoy the liberation!

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All the best,
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