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Creating the Year You Want – the Law of Attraction

I found myself getting worried about the coming year, mainly because of the bad economic news more than anything else. I found I wasn’t feeling rested a relaxed as I should be with my normal Christmas and New Year break.

So I got thinking – what do I want from this year? Do I want financial fear and hard times or do I want financial security and freedom, happier times and a prospering business?

The answer was obvious of course - I want the good things. I’ve looked after my business, I have a good customer base, I have good sales outlets and I’m completely capable of doing somethings differently that will set my business up for success. It is all my choice.

Yes, there are harder economic times around, less money being spent and many customers are scared for their financial security but there are other customers who will be fine through this time. Most people will keep their jobs, most businesses will continue to exist and employ people and contribute positively to the economy.

I want to attract positive results in life and me dwelling on negative thoughts and fears will only bring bad things into my life. By being positive I have the chance to bring prosperity into my daily life.

So my new years resolution for the coming year is to bring all good things into my daily life with a positive attitude. I’m choosing to greet this year with joy and leave fear behind.

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Have a wonderful year!
Best wishes,

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