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Creative Spirits Inspiring Gemstone Necklaces

I went to a party the other night where everyone has a creative business. It was one of the best parties I’ve ever been to. I’d tagged along with a friend and only new her and her family there but everyone had already heard of me as ‘Julie’s jewelry friend from the city’.

It was a great experience coming in on equal terms with everyone at a party that was a night full of good conversation, really yummy food, good wine and great entertainment. Within the circle of friends there’s a choir that meets every Wednesday afternoon and musicians who brought their instruments who all had time and space to perform.

At one point I stopped and looked around in amazement at these normal looking people all with creative lives and open, welcoming hearts. It isn’t so often that I find myself in such company and it inspired me with my work – making a new gemstone jewelry range of more playful designs.

I want more of such gatherings in my life. You don’t miss what you don’t have but now I’ve tasted what it’s like and seen what’s possible I’m going to make it more common in my life.

Have Fun!


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