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Creatively Belle Blog is on the move

Well with the redesigning of Creatively Belle online we decided to bring over the blog with us!

So a new look and feel is happening with the blog – a bit like a spa day – so the Creatively Belle girls are having time to give the blog some TLC.

It turns out blogs do like to have some extra attention.

I was thinking there’d be rebellion against being massaged, getting a facial and new colours done but it turns out I was wrong.

Moving the blog has turned out to be surprising smooth and easy. That’s probably a lot more to do with our dear friend Libby than me really!

But maybe that’s just a front for me? Maybe the blog’s been hiding broken links to spring them on unsuspecting visitors like a cheeky little one does. So if you do find anything not working properly can you kindly let us know so we can hope on in there and make it right for you?

So do please, take a tour, have a look, let the blog show herself off and let us know your thoughts!

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