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Creatively Belle is Back on eBay!

Hey there,

It’ been a busy week with lots happening online. We’re relaunched on eBay at: Click here to see our listings – including Catherine Popesco designs!

I’ve also updated the Limited Edition page with a wonderful collection of Limited Edition necklaces with matching earrings. It looks wonderful (I think, but I’m biased, so best if you have a look and decide for yourself!).

I use PayPal because it is safe and secure as well as supports 6 currencies – so even though I have my jewellery on the website in Australian dollars you can shop with your own domestic currency.

Of course if you prefer to order off line you can always email or phone me as I can accept credit card payments too. All too easy!



Here are the links for you: 

Limited Edition Designs so you have something very special!

Click here to see our eBay listings

Want to know when we’re having Catherine Popesco sales? Go in the competition for free jewellery and click the Update box!


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