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Cross City Tunnel Changes – Are they Enough?

Hey there,

So there’s movement at the station with some changes being made with the controversial Cross City Tunnel with the toll being halved for 3 months and road changes being modified as of tonight.

So I eagerly went through the proposed changes looking for the re-opening of access from William Street via Palmer Street directly to the Harbour Tunnel and Bridge and it is nowhere to be seen.

The key change needed is being ignored.

Many Eastern Suburb drivers are boycotting the Cross City Tunnel because of the forced use and payment to access the Harbour Tunnel with the denial of access from Palmer Street.

I’ll go an buy an E-Tag and use the Cross City Tunnel when Palmer Street provides direct access to the Harbour Tunnel – just like many other locals but even halving the toll won’t have me accepting bullying by the government and CCT Operators. I can’t imagine any driver accepting that.

So we wait for the better results to come through. I’ll give them my money for their Cross City Tunnel when Palmer Street is fixed up.

Either way, I can’t use the tunnel without having an E-Tag and I won’t buy an E-Tag while being bullied about Palmer Street. I will buy an E-Tag when Palmer Street is re-opened. What say you?



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