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Being able to do custom designs for customers can be a great way to increase business and convert new customers into regular customers.

One of the keys to success with doing custom designs is to deliver them in a good time frame. Customers understand if you have a particularly busy period and custom designs have a slower turn around time, what they need is a realistic time frame so you can manage their expectations.

It is great to over deliver to customers with great design and delivering early but it is very bad to under deliver and have an unhappy customer.

To help make it successful have dedicated tools to help you deliver such as a custom order book where you capture the details of the order and provide a receipt to the customer with your contact details on it. Make sure the details are there. I use a stick on the bottom right corner of each page.

Also capture their contact details so you can call them if there are questions or changes.

I’ve found it best to post custom orders to customers; have them pay for it and then post it. It does mean I have to be very good with getting the custom orders done. Yet when I was having them collected many weren’t collected as no money was put down by the customer.

Custom orders can generate extra income for you but make sure you have a good system in place to capture the information and follow through on delivering the goods.


All the best!


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