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Customer Loyalty Program Ideas

I was buying DVD’s and was given a discount voucher with my receipt that is valid in 2 weeks time. So they are giving their shopping (spending) customers a loyalty reward and bringing them back into the shop within the month to spend more and all with a simple lure of just 15% off.

Customer loyalty programs are great as they reward and bring back existing customers and it is so much cheaper turning new customers into repeat customers than finding a new customer in the first place.

The DVD voucher got me thinking about ways to make this idea work:
hand out

  • discount vouchers to customers to spend at an event you want your customers to attend. For me this would be at jewellery parties as I also do party plan.
  • print out voucher slips that can have dates written on them based on the date of the shopping so they are used within a desired time frame.
  • announce the special offer in email newsletters going out to customers and members.
  • allow the vouchers to be used in conjunction with email newsletter coupons, party plan hostess thank you gift vouchers etc.
How can this work for the business you’re involved with? Have a think and explore the possibilities.

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