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Customer Loyalty Programs

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Customer Loyalty Programs tell your customers that you want them to come back – a vital message to communicate to your customers.

You can use the tools for the program to communicate other key messages about your business. For instance the location/s of your business – website address, street locations, blog address, eBay address as well as how to contact you with phone numbers and email addresses.

Loyalty Programs can also be used to boost sales during quiet times of the business year. One bookshop I was a great fan of (until it moved to different suburb when its building was torn down) had a VIP Customer Program where your shopping was tracked and every 6 months a gift voucher to the value of 10% of your shopping for the period was sent to you to bring you back into the shop.

Because I was so well rewarded I saved my book shopping for their business, I reduced my impluse book shopping so that I took that business to their shop and they got more money from me because they rewarded me very well in a way that worked well for me.

So every six months – January and July – they brought back into the shop their best customers to spend and we spent more than the gift voucher – very smart. Plus, when they posted the gift voucher to us they sent other marketing material to friendly customers. I loved how smart and win/win their program was.

I’m a big book consumer and I love supporting independent bookshops so I’ve checked out reward programs with other book shops for years and none of them are as smart and simple as this one.

So go exploring customer loyalty programs and write down what you like and what you don’t like. Then experiment with your own. I’ve refined my reward card many times to get to where I want to be with it. So experiment and enjoy!

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