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Dancing with the Stars

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Part of the advertising for popular “Dancing with the Stars” TV show asks how people will go who have made it to the top of their chosen area with a new challenge.

Initially I thought that a little silly. To me they had already shown tenacity, determination, dedication, flexibility, adapability and skill to get where they are. After listening to the ad a few times I started to realise that was exactly what was being asked – if these individuals can do that in their chosen field then how will they go in a new field that requires very different skills?

As adults we get very use to be skilled and capable with a select range of abilities and circumstances. As children we are very use to having to learn new things all the time and the world is full of things we don’t know about. So somewhere along the way we forget what it is like to fall over when learning to walk, when learning to hurdle at Little Atheletics, when learning to skate on ice or ride a horse or get through a tough spelling test.

So “Dancing with the Stars” reminds us that even as adults we need to keep learning new skills and learning new skills is usually fairly daunting to start with. Hopefully it will also remind us of the satification we get from building new skills and doing something else successfully.

To create a business we must learn new skills all the time; to raise healthy, happy children we must learn new skills constantly; to keep a relationship fresh and intriguing we need to do new things together often; to keep healthy and ready for life we must explore life and new challenges regularly – we must learn to live well.

Butterflies symbolise Freedom!

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