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 I’ve had a couple conversations lately about designing creations and customers. We all have our own style and find inspiration from others. We all find direct copying of another’s original designs to be slack and a failing. But do we put throught into taking our designs to the right locations so the people (customers) who respond positively to them can find our work?

I think this is key. I was talking to one lady who’s friends were teaming up together, one with baby clothes and another with jewellery. Both are young and their customer base could be different aged women. Women in their mid-20’s to mid-30’s who are having babies usually have different taste in jewellery than girls in late-teens – early-20’s. So would they be good together? What locations are they best to go to? Obviously the baby clothes girl needs a good market like Lilyfield for her goods as there are loads of growing families there. But what about the jewellery girl? Would such a market be good for her with not so many young girls there?

So when you’re looking for areas for your work research it as simply as going there and taking notes of who you see around at different times – whether that be markets, shops, fairs and fetes.

If you want to sell into a specific area then do your research and see what demographics are there and spending money there. What are the needs of that area and how can you fill what is missing?

Some people think that they design in a particular way and people have to love them or leave them. Others have a more flexible view and ranges available with some styles being particularly their own and others being attractive to a broader range of people.

So have a think of what you want at what times – will there be times when you want to focus more on your creations and times when other aspects of your life need more attention for a certain amount of time? Not many of us can dedicate all of ourselves, all of our time to one thing, most of us have to have balance in our life with what we do.

Here’s one of the fun designs I have in the Long Necklace range with matching earrings

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