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Designing from the Heart

Hey there,

Last night I got a lovely happy email from a girlfriend of mine down the coast who has a beautiful art studio and having a gorgeous little workshop on making our own goddess art dolls – very creative.

It’s had me thinking of how important it is to create from the heart.

I know with my own efforts I need to be happy and relatively peaceful to make designs that work, that have balance and beauty in them.

But this is working solo, not within a group. Creating something quite magical in a group would be even better. So check out local art studios and ones when you’re on holidays.

I can certainly recommend The House of Jules in Milton NSW as well as having a little holiday there. There’s heaps of affordable accommodation and the area is charming, beaches are next to perfect (just think of Mollymook beach), people are friendly and there’s great local food too!

So make it part of your holiday plans and revel in the workshops!

Great Earring Stands and Earring Trees – online, markets and jewellery parties.



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