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Do you Laugh Enough?

I was reading an article while waiting for my take away about laughter and it got me thinking. Apparently children laugh over 100 times a day while adults average less than 30 times. I really don’t know if I laugh even 20 times a day, let alone 30.

Laughing is good for stress release, said to be the best medicine, uses up calories (always a good thing), makes for a happier day and brings people together.

Their tips for laughing more is to start with a smile, so smile more and at just about anybody (I’ve started doing this out and about with smiling at people I have eye contact with and am getting lots of return smiles – little and brief ones but lots of smiles and I’m liking it). Watching funny films and sharing jokes. For people like me who forget jokes and am really bad at telling them they say just write them down.

They gave the example of how doctors are now recommending cancer patients to watch only funny movies and shows so they laugh more and avoid sad and traumatic dramas that lower the spirits. So cheer your friends and family up who are going through hard times by taking over a funny movie with some cheery flowers and a bundle of jokes.

So I’m going to make sure I laugh more and make more opportunities to laugh more!

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