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Eco Fashion Making it Big

Hey there,

I get the Forrester Research update emails and found it fascinating that they reported how French and German online sales are increasing significantly and this got me thinking of how eco fashion is making it big in Europe, UK and USA while only just starting to sparkle here in Australia with talented designers like Sara Victoria.

I love it that there is more of a focus on Fair Trade, environmently sensible fashion and consumerism and that there are countries with big populations taking it up.

I was at a trade show today and was impressed when I was given reusable shopping bags as show bags. It means when I use the bags for shopping I’ll be promoting the business but that’s fine, I’d rather promote a smart small business than Coles or Woolies with their shopping bags.

I was really disappointed and also stunned that a couple of the exhibitors still had plastic bags with their business names on them. I couldn’t understand why people would think it a wise idea to promote their business on the sides of plastic bags – surely they are communicating the message that they are either stupid or living with blinkers on.

But for the shops that find a need for plastic shopping bags that are degradable here is a local contact for you:

Tailored Packaging Pty Ltd 
16-18 Hilly Street
ph: 87650-444
fax: 8765-1488 

I’m not sure how the bags are made and if they are environmently sound on that level but you have choices too – maybe recycled paper bags are better for your business?

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