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Enjoying Meeting Visiting Artists

At the Rocks Markets this weekend I met a bundle of really lovely people, including a couple from New York, a couple from Fyfe, Scotland and another from Chicago.

Each couple first came to market on Saturday and we had time for a friendly chat (it was a tad quiet on Saturday with the cooler autumn seasonal change) and then visited again on Sunday morning with much sunnier and brighter weather!

I love it when people come back the next day because I find it a sincere compliment that they have been thinking of me and my work so with each visit yesterday my smile just got bigger.

The Chicago couple swapped cards with me and I’ve just been visiting Jessey’s website at with her beautiful work. Jessey is an artist and her charming husband is still in the corporate world.

I love the yoga mats with the original designs that are also made with the environment in mind – I love the intelligent holistic approach, it makes so much more sense! Having met Jessey her choice of design and materials makes perfect sense as she’s friendly, open and secure in herself.

Something I find really enjoyable about The Rocks markets is getting to meet so many different people from around the country and the world and to think that my jewellery goes travelling all over the place and becomes part of the stories people have about their own adventures.

Jessey and Michael are perfect examples of getting to meet new people who you’d love to have a good meal with and talk about each other experiences for hours. I love that my jewellery is going off to be part of their lives and the idea that the Limited Edition necklace and earrings that now belong to Jessey might be worn to one of her exhibitions or work shops! (ahh, the ego of a jewellery girl!)

Limited Edition Necklace Treasure Box at The Rocks markets!


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