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Essential Marketing Tools

Marketing tools are essential for promoting your business and for any small business they need not only to communicate your message effectively but to be cost effective too.
An easy way to keep costs down is to make your marketing tools yourself. Brochures can be easily made using Microsoft Publisher with their perforated templates. All you have to do is to add content and pictures – enough work in itself. The templates save you all the time and effort (and frustration) of getting the layout and page setup details just right.

An All-In-One printer/scanner/copier makes printing the brochures yourself very easy. It also makes updates very easy. This saves you the expense of getting a printer to print them up. Once you are completely happy with the brochure you can invest in having it printed in quantity on glossy paper etc.

I was fortunate enough to learn many publishing, design/layout and marketing skills both at uni and on the job when I worked in the city. But I also learnt through a lot through books and community college courses and highly recommend them as excellent ways to develop skills.

If you want to do your own marketing kits – brochures, business and reward cards, flyers and postcards, newsletters, press releases and websites – and develop the skills for this then invest in yourself and select a range of community college courses to get the base skills.

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