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Essential Oils for Creating the Right Moods

I’ve always liked having essential oils in a burner but I’ve discovered blends of organic essential oils for specific effects, moods etc. I now have 2 blends for when I’m working and another 2 for relaxing. I like the romantic ones too.

I use to have to keep track of a little sheet that explained what oil was good for what effect and try to figure out what blend I wanted to try, but having the blends already made up is so much easier and I only need one bottle rather than many to get the same sort of result.

So if you want to create an environment that’s good for creating beautiful designs think about the sense of smell and what would work for you. I get my oils from a lady at a local market so I know they are fresh and organic, plus I like my money to go to independent businesses rather than corporations (but that’s a lot to do with coming from a small business family).

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