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Exploring Personality Tests

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Some of the conversations over the weekend were about what personalities does it take to do certain things like building a successful business, being a scientist and researcher, what makes a journalist tick (a quality one, not a hack), what works best for raising children and makes relationships work.

So I’ve been exploring this theme further and came across the Buzz’s list of most popular searches on personality tests and I thought it would be fun to explore:

  1. Myers Briggs Personality Test
  2. Fun Personality Quizzes
  3. The 100 Acres Personality Quiz
  4. Naruto Personality Quiz
  5. Color Personality Quiz
  6. Career Personality Test
  7. Borderline Personality Test
  8. Manga Personality Quiz
  9. DISC Personality Testing
  10. Big Five Personality Test
  1. Harry Potter Personality Quiz
  2. Rorschach Inkblot Personality Test
  3. Keirsey Personality Test
  4. Fun Weird Personality Quizzes
  5. Wrestling Personality Quiz
  6. Merrill-Reid Personality Test
  7. MySpace Personality Quizzes
  8. Jung Personality Test
  9. Dalai Lama Personality Test
  10. Star Trek Personality Tests

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