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Fabulous Time!

I had a long weekend at the Writer’s Festival with 3 workshops and free author sessions down at the Wharf.

I found two of my favourite authors have new books out (yay!!!) and bought 2 more novels by Aboriginal authors.

Years ago I stumbled across Home by Larissa Behrendt and loved the beautifully crafted Australian story and have kept my eye out for her next book ever since. For Home, Larissa won the prestigious The David Unaipon Award, an initiative by University of Queensland Press to publish black writers.

You’ll recognise David Unaipon from our $50 note – the intelligent looking man with shears around him – he was not only the first published black author in Australia but also revolutionised shearing techniques – one of those amazingly intelligent people.

Larrissa at the Brisbane Writers FestivalLarrissa Behrendt is also one of those incredible intelligent people with many talents and skills.

So when I came across Legacy by Larissa Behrendt I gave a little squeal of delight that the lady next to me asked if I’d found a treasure. And I really have.

Then I discovered “Tiddas Talks Writing” was coming up with 3 black authors talking writing – including Larrissa. So off I went, sat in the front row and beamed the whole time. (You have figured out I’m a rather forward and enthusiastic person by now right?)

Mary Munkara was part of the panel and read from her David Unaipon Award winning (2008) novel Every Secret Thing. I fell in love with her sense of humour and went straight out the bookshop after the session and bought her first novel.

I’ve also been out and bought Swallow the Air by Tara June Winch.

I figured if I’ve really enjoyed both Home and Every Secret Thing and I believe that black writers need to be heard then I better walk the talk. I know as a small business owner that every buying decision matters, especially for Australian creators.

This year’s writer’s festival has been wonderful for me. I’m so thankful I dived right into it. I’ve already been inspired to make more Limited Edition necklaces so my spirit really is refreshed!

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