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Finding Club Netball Grand Final Results

Hey there,

I checked the SMH this morning for the club results for the Netball Grand Finals and was deeply disappointed to find no information about it at all. It would seem that our biggest women’s sport didn’t have club grand finals on after all, I was delusional. 

So I called the newspaper to find out where the info was and they explained that it wasn’t part of the AAP sports results newswire so it wasn’t there and that it wasn’t their responsibility to go get the results themselves, they are a newspaper after all.

So I called Netball Australia and they said they didn’t have results and to call Netball NSW. They said call the individual associations for the details because their media manager left and they haven’t replaced her and it was all too difficult getting the results because there are so many women playing club netball (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

So when Netball say they are not getting the same media coverage as the boys maybe there should be some serious effort commited into effective communication. It isn’t the responsibility of the individual to call around for the results. It is the responsibility of the associations – local, state and national – to get the message out there.

All it would take is an online form for clubs to access and enter the results. The results are then captured and ready for national media distribution. If the boys can do it, and quickly, with their club rugby and cricket then the better organised women can do it!

I’ll work on getting some results together, or at least access to results and put it online by tomorrow morning for you.

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