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Finding Creatively Belle at the Tasmanian Craft Fair

It’s no secret that I’m thrilled to be part of the 2016 Tasmanian Craft Fair and it is the perfect excuse for me to go to beautiful Tasmania every year. This will be my 7th year exhibiting at the TCF and for the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the Rotary Pavilion at the main venue, and to my absolute delight, I’m back there again this year!

I love this venue and the regular exhibitors that are part of it and it means that when I bump in on my birthday there will be lots of hugs, laughter, story telling and joy – our little family coming together again for four days.

So why do I love this so much? I thought I’d share with some photos from our last Tassie Craft Fair!

Tasmanian Craft Fair 2016

Want to get along and join us? Book your TCF tickets online and get around on the free shuttle bus. The dates for this year’s Tasmanian Craft Fair are:

Friday 4 November

Saturday 5 November

Sunday 6 November

Monday 7 November

Can’t get to Deloraine this year but still want to check out my new designs? Then come along to the Royal Hobart Show – they’re dropping their entry ticket prices and revamping the show so it will be better than ever!

The Royal Hobart Show is: 

Wednesday 19th, Thursday 20th, Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd October

New Designs and Show Specials

I’ve been beavering away on a range of new designs for the fair, including a fun wombat, clouds and much more!

I’ll be doing Fair Specials again too on freshwater pearls (I’ve some beautiful pink pearls – finally!) as well as when you get some presents.

Meet the Makers

I was thrilled to find out I’m back in the same hall as my making friends again this year – this is us last year caught having a gossip! Belinda, Christina of So Indesign and Belinda.

Find us at the Tasmanian Craft Fair at Deloraine

Designing women back together at the Tasmanian Craft Fair

Stall Setup

I have a bit of a different spot in the Rotary Pavilion this year so my stall setup with have to adapt – hmmm, thinking, thinking, thinking….

Creatively Belle stall at the Tasmanian Craft Fair

Creatively Belle stall at the Tasmanian Craft Fair

Being Social is Important

Just outside our pavilion is the Brown Brothers tent, so guess what we get up to – a little bit of socialising every day. We all seem to go home with a box of wine at the end of the show, I wonder how that happens?


I go down to the Meander River at the end of the day to go platypusing and the girls often join me with some wine and cheese so we catch up on the year, the day and have a good laugh.


The river is beautiful and the river bank walk is wonderfully maintained for the benefit of all with donations made by the Deloraine Rotarians who run the Tasmanian Craft Fair.


Our Pavilion

While our pavilion isn’t the prettiest of buildings it is always filled with an abundance of creativity, beautiful designs and friendly stall holders!


There’s always a stunning quilt show in the entrance of the Rotary Pavilion and I particularly loved this Merelyn Pearce tribute to Margaret Preston.

The quilt show at the Tasmanian Craft Fair

The quilt show at the Tasmanian Craft Fair

Want to know more about Merelyn?

So come and join us and refresh your own wells of inspiration, creativity and motivation!

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