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Finding Direct Selling Party Plan Support in Australia

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One of the challenges of being self employed with a home based business like a direct selling party plan business is feeling isolated because you don’t have work mates around you to discuss what’s happening and have that mutual support.

That’s where industry associations can be particularly valuable. For the direct selling party plan businesses out there there’s the Direct Selling Association of Australia (DSAA) that was formed in 1967 to promote and portect the ideals and opportunties of individuals and companies involved in direct selling. The DSAA website is

The DSAA has grown to represent more that 600,000 independent sales persons within Australia. Just from the members alone of the DSAA annual retail sales are approximately $1.30 Billion. The majority of independent salespersons are women (71%) and most are part time and setting their own goals, running and operating their own businesses to suit their lifestyles.

Australian party plan is healthy and constantly growing with a continuing demand for party plan consultants and party plan wholesale suppliers (see my wholesale info area if you’re needing popular party plan jewellery).

Want more information about party plan businesses and consultants come share my series of articles that are available online for you in the Business Tips area, the Web Marketing area and now the Party Plan Resources area with info on how to start your own party plan business.

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I really enjoy my party plan selling and the direct sales side to the business. I hope you really enjoy yours too.

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