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Finding Inspiration Online

I’m all a flutter about an upcoming watercolour event where I’ll get the opportunity to play with a bundle of Daniel Smith watercolours and get to meet the owner, John Cogley, as he does a tour around Australia, collaborating with local art supply stores like Parkers at The Rocks.

So naturally enough it has resulted in my spending way too much time watching YouTube videos and reading blogs about Daniel Smith paints and then wondering off into other topics such as artist palettes in preparation for an escape to Tasmania and my painting holiday.

Artist inspiration with this Creatively Belle artist's palette

The Creatively Belle artist palette is both a necklace and a brooch

So I thought I’d share some of my findings as they have been a wonderful source of inspiration.

Daniel Smith Watercolour Palettes

The Daniel Smith presentation is going to about how they make their Primatek Watercolours so I started out looking at videos about this series.

I really enjoyed this Owens Art video with Marty Owens:

Daniel Smith Dot Charts

I’d love to one day get this 238 Watercolour dot chart and have a play with it.

I really enjoyed the Sandy Allnock videos too, especially this one on playing with the dot charts.

Continuing the theme of favourite videos featuring favourite paints, this one by Mandy van Goeije is very tempting:

Creating a Watercolour Travel Kit

With my upcoming trip to Tasmania I’m planning out ahead my watercolour travel kit as I simply packed too much last time and overwhelmed myself with the bulk and the options. This time I’m determined to cut it down to something that is far more manageable.

One of my favourite blog posts with videos about how to pack small for a Tasmanian watercolour holiday is Carol Lee Beckx post on the very same topic!

I came across the James Gurney blog in this quest and really liked his post about how to create an ideal watercolour travel set that includes a video as well as a detailed list.

Empty Watercolour Tins to Customise with my Own Palette

So I started on a hunt for empty watercolour tins that I can tailor with my own palette selection and found a series of videos that I really enjoyed.

This one by Nancy Couick about the American Journey metal palette appealed to me, especially with her comments about it being such a lovely new toy to play with and she who dies with the most wins. But I think all of us who thoroughly enjoy playing with our collections of art supplies (or fabrics or clays or cameras etc) relates to this! Sadly most of the art supplies shown in the US videos aren’t easily available in Australia and the US online shops won’t ship here either. But they’re fun to look at and I’m thinking a trip to Canada might simply be needed to do some art supply shopping!

I love the idea of painting a palette like this by Teoh Yi Chie to create a reference for how the colours mix – the challenge might be in how to decide which colours to exclude!

I have had a wonderful time looking through a great collection of YouTube videos by these artists and am slowly formulating ideas around what I will include in my watercolour travel kit, it will definitely include Daniel Smith colours, probably some Winsor and Newton and my Australian palette colours from Art Spectrum but only a selection from each.

A useful exercise might also be in testing ideas out for a travel sketch book by starting a local one as I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world here in Sydney and I’ve certainly learnt that having some structure and discipline with my creativity can bring great results.

I think more research is certainly needed for the exact watercolour travel tin I’ll buy as it is quite an investment.

The next challenge of course is deciding on the travel journal and paint brushes, but that’s going to be another range of video and blog reviews to indulge in as I plan for my painting holiday!

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