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Finding Lasting Easter Morning Treasures

Finding that right balance between indulgence and meaning can be a bit tricky with Easter and all that chocolate. I love the traditions many have of giving a mixture of chocolate with lasting treasures, little presents that come to symbolise the family time shared over Easter.

Easter bunny chocolate vs ceramic jewellery by Creatively Belle at The Rocks Markets

Lasting Easter treasures

So to help with your own Easter present hunt I’ve brought together a lovely collection of ceramic jewellery designs in brooches and necklaces featuring bunnies and peace birds.

Charming Little Easter Bunny Brooches and Necklaces

Bunny rabbit collection of ceramic jewellery with necklace and brooches by Creatively Belle

Sweet bunny rabbits

These fun bunnies come in necklaces and brooches in a range of colours and patterns.

Beloved Bunny for Easter

Beloved Bunny Necklace and Pin by Creatively Belle

Trusting and Loving

Now this adorable girl is based on my soft toy bunny I was given when I was just three years old, her name is Bunny – yes, very original! Bunny is also available in necklace and brooch styles as part of the ceramic jewellery range.

Peace and Love for Easter

Peace Bird necklace and brooch collection ceramic jewellery by Creatively Belle at The Rocks Markets

A flock of Peace Birds

I think the world needs more peace so to help spread it I’ve made the always beautiful Peace Birds in necklaces and brooches – including a bigger peace bird in a necklace and brooch as well – all come in a range of colours and patterns. These make perfect Easter gifts as are lasting memories of love and friendship.

Shop Online or at Market with Creatively Belle

To make life easy you can shop online for these beautiful handmade ceramic jewellery designs and at The Rocks Markets.

Free Shipping Code

To make online shopping that much easier we have a free shipping code for your check out basket of Easter.

Of course, if you’d prefer Express Post within Australia we can help with that too.

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