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Finding TV Show Spoilers

Hey there,

It’s Monday morning and I’m bouncing round the net again and came across Yahoo’s Buzz list of top 20 searches for TV show spoilers – the websites that spill the beans on tv shows that spoil the impact of going through the story lines progressively.

One of my friends is a big Bill fan and keeps regular track of the BBC Bill site and episode guide so knows what’s coming up and he loves it. So getting advanced notice of story lines and watching the current series on TV suits some people. So here’s the list of the top 20 searched shows for spoilers:

  1. Days of Our Lives Spoilers
  2. General Hospital Spoilers
  3. All My Children Spoilers
  4. Gilmore Girls Spoilers
  5. Big Brother All-Stars Spoilers
  6. The Young and the Restless Spoilers
  7. One Tree Hill Spoilers
  8. Big Brother 7 Spoilers
  9. Lost Spoilers
  10. One Life to Live Spoilers
  1. Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers
  2. Rock Star: Supernova Spoilers
  3. Passions Spoilers
  4. One Tree Hill Season 4 Spoilers
  5. As the World Turns Spoilers
  6. Prison Break Season 2 Spoilers
  7. 7th Heaven Spoilers
  8. Lost Season 3 Spoilers
  9. Smallville Season 6 Spoilers
  10. Supernatural Spoilers

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