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First Porcelain Jewellery and Decoration Designs

This afternoon I dashed off to the pottery studio at UNSW to collect and finish my first samples of the new porcelain jewellery range.

I’m so pleased with how they’ve turned out, the colours are wonderful, the textures are subtle and show the attention to detail I want to express and they all came through the firing process.

I’ve used the finest Australian porcelain – Southern Ice Porcelain – because it is so beautiful and quality matters.

Finishing the first sample range of new porcelain jewellery for Creatively Belle

Just finished attaching the brooch findings to the detailed back of the new porcelain brooch designs. I’m letting these set overnight so will move them in the morning and take them to market.

The porcelain shrinks by about 15% through the firing process – yes, completely logical when you think of the moisture content fired out of them but that did take me by surprise – so I have three pieces that are too small for brooch findings and another piece that has a gap in the design so they are all set to be recycled as mosaic pieces. Waste not, want not!

The two sample Christmas star decorations both came out beautifully.

Handcrafted porcelain Christmas tree decorations by Creatively Belle

I love the detail of this blue Japanese print.

Handcrafted porcelain Christmas tree decorations by Creatively Belle

I’m wondering whether I should keep one of the Christmas tree decorations as a memento to this really enjoyable first time experience.

I’m definitely keeping a couple of the brooches and making a gift out of two others.

I did start the next sample range with more Christmas tree decorations that include teddy bears, Mrs Santa and Santa himself, an angel, bell and more. These all have beautiful lace impressions for the details.

I’m hoping to have them ready for next weekend’s markets while I’m taking this range along to the St Andrew’s Cathedral School Carnival at Town Hall tomorrow (Friday 25th) and along to The Rocks Markets on Saturday and Sunday.

One Response to First Porcelain Jewellery and Decoration Designs

  1. Libby 25 November 2011 at 10:34 am #

    They are so beautiful! I just love stars and I think one of these would be perfect on my tree! What a talent you are.

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