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Free Tips for How to Start an Online Business While Working Full Time Part 2

Hey there,

Here’s part 2 in our series on how to start your own business while working full time.


Getting your first paying advertiser can be quite easy by starting out with Google Adwords. Google pays a variable click through rate for their ads and tailors the ads to your blog using key words.

You might find using the main click through advertising players and affiliate programs to be the best option for advertising. You can also have a link to more info about advertising on your site and have a rates program for advertisers – either as banner ads or Pay-Per-Click advertising. You can approach businesses directly as well as having them come to you.

The trick is to keep learning as you go while building the income and the content.

Blogs don’t have to require a lot of writing on your part. Entries can be small and you can always get yourself a blog editor to manage the writing side of things if writing isn’t your thing.

For more info about blogs and blogging check our Blogging category and explore from there!

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