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Free tips for making money

Hey there,

Here’s three free tips for making money:

1. just start – so many people are gonnabes and then complain about nothing ever changing. If you want to change something then just start, doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, it is the doing that matters.

2. be positive – if you say you or something can’t happen then it can’t, if you believe it can then it can. Your attitude makes all the difference. If you want to change your attitude take positive and direct steps to doing it. Don’t sit round complaining and wondering why nothing is working for you.

3. learn from others – make a list of people you recognise to be successful in the ways you want to be successful and talk with them – learn from them. Take them to lunch and talk with them about how they got to being where they are and what lessons learnt they could share with you. Read books and articles about people you respect and admire – learn from them.

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