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Fundraising for my community club

Hey there,

Something fun doing is being part of a fundraising for community clubs.

We’re using the generous jewellery party hostess gift voucher for sets of jewellery, necklaces, earrings and bracelets for lucky door raffle prizes. The stunning Catherine Popesco earrings and brooches can also be used as prizes.

The guests pay $5 for a lucky door raffle tick (and any extra ones) and go in the running for a lovely jewellery set. To make it better odds we usually have 3 sets (3 is always better than 1!). But the busier it is the more sets available for prizes.

As a way to say thank you to the organiser we also give a special jewellery gift.

At previous fundraising jewellery parties we’ve raised $135, $310, and $190. It all depends on how many are invited and go in the raffle.

To help organise the fundraising gathering we provide invitations and posters – keep it simple.  🙂

Tell me more about having a fundraising jewellery party for my club!

Great Limited Edition necklaces with matching earrings available online now! - this style of necklace and earrings sets can be included as raffle prizes.  🙂


Belinda – go in the free jewellery competitions online today!

For more info about having a Jewellery Party to raise funds for your club click here!

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