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Gem Inspired Baby Names

Hey there,

In the theme of the top 100 Baby Names and ending up with a name that every 2nd baby has here’s some ideas inspired by other Precious creations – gem stones!

Amber : Amethyst : Beryl : Bijou : Cameo : Coral : Crystal : Diamond : Emerald : Garnet : Gem : Gemma : Goldie : Ione : Ivory : Jade : Jasper : Jewel : Opal : Pearl : Rose : Ruby : Sapphire : Topaz : Tourmaline

Maybe some are better as middle names than for first names but you can guarantee a beautiful name with any of these gems!

Just remember when you’re naming a child what school can be like and how a name needs to work through out the entire life of a person, not just for a few short years. 🙂

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