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Generating Income With Affiliate Programs

As you can probably tell my focus this year is on building up and developing the website just as last year was about launching the jewellery party side.

So I’ve been researching and exploring promoting the website. Something I really don’t like about advertising is it is expensive, hard to measure results, can completely miss the point and has a limited shelf life. I’ve tended to avoid it but periodically will give it a go and miss the money out of my bank account and lament the trickle of the return.

So to me I’d rather pay advertisers for each sale. They bring me sales I bring them payment sort of logic.

The obvious online solution is an Affiliate program where you can choose how you pay others who promote your business.

Corey Rudl calls it the “ultimate performance-based advertising” because you are only paying for results – nothing airy fairy there! In his Internet Marketing Centre’s Insider Secrets course his chapter on Affiliates is the biggest one and makes the comment that he earns $1,000,000 per year from sales coming from his affiliates. I like that!

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