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Getting Design ideas into the light of day!

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Sometimes when you’re creating a new design it can seem like a rather isolating experience with all those ideas circling and tumbling around in your mind while you try to pull them out into a design for your craft.

What is a lovely experience is talking with other women about this and having the shared experience. Often these conversations happen within structured arts and craft groups that meet regularly, either locally or online (just search craft circle to see the results).

They can also happen at craft expos, eg. quilt shows, and at suppliers and while the cynical may say that’s so they sell more the logical explains it that passionate people about their craft setup these shops and they naturally enjoy the conversations.

So if you have an idea tumbling and bumbling around inside and it needs to see the light of day get out there and start talking with others about it, either online or locally and see how lovely the results are!

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