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Getting Moving with Goals for the Year

I’m finding having a tool for keeping me focused on my goals for the year is turning into a huge difference, my Make it Happen Journal is such a practical way for staying on track I wish I’d discovered it years ago.

I’ve been getting through my social media goals for the new year with my Twitter and Instagram profiles running along amazingly well (OK, Facebook remains the challenge I’ve always found it to be but that’s fine, I don’t have to get everything and there’s still hope!). I’ve even been making progress with the Creatively Belle Store on etsy!

The secret is to keep moving forward with your goals by Belinda Stinson of Creatively Belle

You can do it!

The surprising result is having more time for down time. Because I’m feeling like I’m knocking things on the head and making progress I don’t feel guilty having time out. I even managed to get to the movies last week and saw two films back to back – yes, it was to escape the heat and it was a chance to catch up with friend but given I think I only managed one film at the cinemas last year I’m feeling rather pleased with myself.

One of the personal creative goals in the Make It Happen Journal for this year is to finally recover a council clean up chair I rehomed years ago. It’s turned into one of my favourite chairs and I’m even sitting in it now writing away with the laptop on a stable table.

Making the First Steps to Achieve My Goal

So I’ve just been watching You Tube videos on how to reupholster a wooden armed chair.

A Thorough Series of Lessons

I came across this series of video lessons by Chris about how to properly reupholster a wooden chair:

I think this will be the video series I refer to when I’m ready with fabric and tools to recover my much loved chair. I did previously buy fabric for the project and have had it draped over the chair for the last couple of years. This has let me discover I bought the completely wrong material because it has faded really badly. The upside is I’ve learnt this before I’ve spent the hours it will take me to do the good properly.

The Very Fast Version

Feeling like I’d had a very thorough lesson from Chris I wanted also to check out another couple of videos and this one comes complete with very cute mouse like conversation (actually just the instructor’s voice at high speed!).

Big Lesson

From the videos by these professional upholsters I’ve realised just how important experience and skill is for doing a good job.

I’m going to approach this chair as a good learning project and accept that I will have quite a few steep curves with it. And that’s fine. I love upcycling old furniture and and I’m quite excited about it all.

Keeping Moving with Goals

I’m finding it quite motivating to be making progress with my goals, especially as I really felt like I made last year count, I’m determined to make this year matter too.

The key to it is now I’ve done the first part of this goal for the year, I’ve done my research and have a fair understanding of what I’ll need to do for it. I will also need to do it during cooler weather as it is certainly not a project for a Sydney summer without air conditioning.

While I think the winged arm chair from my grand-mother is an upholstery job I’ll need to save up for a professional to do, even as a decent sewer I can see that it is exceptionally challenging!

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