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Getting The Experience You Need

Getting experience and demonstrating experience in a field you want to move into can be challenging, especially when the current economic challenges are making job opportunities so difficult.

This is particularly the case for the youth in our community who are at school, college, TAFE and University coming out into a competitive market place.

Making the opportunities for experience is falling more and more onto the shoulders of the individuals who want the jobs. Of course the tried and true method of getting work experience with a variety of employers remains important, particularly as it’s great for building a network and demonstrating being willing to work.

A more contemporary way to show passion, knowledge and willingness to make things happen is to develop a blog about the field you’re seeking to make a living in.

A blog offers a lot of scope, is cheap, can be setup and maintained at any hour and has the potential to earn income through advertising – ticking off the important criteria.

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