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Getting the most out of your gold earrings

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We love buying or being given beautiful earrings so we can enjoy their magic but the trick is we don’t get to see our beautiful earring collection when we’re wearing them (!!). And when they are stuffed away in some jewelry box we certainly don’t see them.

So to best show off your pearl earrings, diamond earrings (ok, maybe cz earrings), gold earrings, sapphire earrings, sterling silver earrings, emerald earrings, hoop earrings, gemstone earrings, beaded earrings or just any type of drop earrings or stud earrings use an earring holder.

Earring holders are great solutions for showcasing your favorite earrings (dangle earrings as well as stud earrings) as they let you see the beautiful designs easily, makes picking out what you’re going to wear so much more easier, makes your dresser look SO PRETTY, and there’s no more messy tangles with necklaces and earrings!

Personally I theme my earrings by my earring holders and really enjoy that but then again I’m a jewelry lover who’s a bit of a lost cause when it comes to playing with my jewelry. I don’t have a really expensive collection, just more of a colorful beaded earrings and necklace collection but it’s loads of fun!

Gold Hues Earring Holder to Show Case Your Bling Click here

We have a great collection of earring holders available online at our secure online jewelry store for you to choose from, ranging in size from the Positive Change Dragonfly earring holders through to the 60 holes triple tier earring holder.

We ship all over the world with one flat shipping price so no matter how many you fall in love with and get for yourself and friends it will only be the one flat shipping rate.

Shop securely with Creatively Belle online with PayPal.  FREE Earrings for all online orders for a Limited Time only!

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