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Getting UFO's Sorted!

I’ve been clearing things out this year to make space for all new good things (sounds corny but it feels really good when it happens!) and have come across a heap of unfinished projects. So I’m determined to get them sorted – either finished or out the door to a new home. I’d rather have them finished so I’m looking for ways to make this happen. So here are some ideas I’ve come up with and would love more.

* Get the girls around to work on our unfinished projects together – challenge is we tend to talk too much and not work enough

* Set aside a regular time each week (month?) to finish off projects – I love the idea but the actual doing could be something different

* Go along to a regular class or circle to meet new friends and work on projects – possibly the most likely to work??

Part of this is inspired by becoming part of an adhoc writer’s group. We meet once a month with the aim of encouraging each other to get working on our own writing projects. It is about the regular answering to others that is making the difference here. So it’s got me thinking more about other activities too.

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