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Getting What You Want

My nephew’s simple abundant joy at being given a gift voucher for a favorite bookshop has got me thinking what good ideas gift vouchers really are.

We all know my nephew is a book worm and giving him the voucher because he’s told us so I’m figuring on telling people what shops (suppliers) I would welcome a gift voucher from. My logic is it will make it easier for choosing presents and it’s lots of fun spending a gift voucher. I know how much easier to be sure a book gift voucher for my nephew will be enthusiastically welcomed so I’ll sue that logic for myself and others too – all that matters is know where the gift voucher needs to come from.

A friend of mine often gives me a gift voucher for a department store and I really enjoy the fun of thinking through what I will get, what I might get, what’s included in the Christmas sales, heading out for a day’s sale shopping in town that includes a gift voucher.

So if you’re stuck for an idea find out what is their beloved shop and get a gift voucher from there. You’ll find even small businesses like mine have them – it is a simple thing to do with great results.

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Happy Christmas gift shopping!

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