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Girls Night In and Free Jewellery!

Hey there,

I love the idea of the Girls Night In with a gathering of girls to raise money to beat cancer through research. It is positive, constructive, fun and supportive.

The Girls Night In site says it best with: “Getting the girls together for a girls’ night has long been a female institution. As you would know a girls’ night is a celebration, a time to share your feelings and dreams, a time to support and educate each other and most of all an escape from the everyday pressures of life.

“That’s what is so great about The Cancer Council Australia’s Girls Night In – this event is your opportunity to gather all your female friends, family, colleagues and neighbours for a night of fun that also helps raise money to conduct research into and provide support for breast and gynaecological cancers.

“The concept is simple – just invite your girlfriends around for a night in and ask them to donate the equivalent of what they would have usually spent on a night out to The Cancer Council Australia to support women’s cancers. It’s that easy!

“Last year was the national launch of Girls Night In and we raised over $975,000 through approximately 3,000 Girls Night In event held all over Australia. This year we aim to raise $1.6 million. “

So Let’s Help, be part of the success of the Girls Night In! What better way to get the girls together than around a table full of beautiful jewellery?

For each guest who participates they can go in a raffle for free jewellery donated at a Creatively Belle jewellery party (we’ll donate the prize) and the hostess gets the generous Hostess Gift Voucher (usually over $100 worth of jewellery!).

And while beating cancer, catching up with the girls, getting free jewellery you can also get birthday and Christmas presents sorted! All simply for having fun! Too easy.  🙂

We also believe in affordable goodies! Most of our earrings are $10 – $30 while necklaces range from $15 – $30 with Limited Edition necklaces $45 – $60. Beautiful and affordable Earring stands are also available. 🙂

Click here to find out more about having a jewellery party! 

We have dates available for October and some still for November so get in early and let us do the organising for you with beautiful invitations.  You can easily email this blog or the website to your friends and come up with some dates if you like too. 🙂


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