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Going to Town to See the Queen

Hey there,

I decided on Monday morning that I was going to town to see the Queen.

I figured it was the last time Queen Elizabeth II will come to Sydney and I wanted to be part of it. I’m a Republican (how can a country like Australia have a foreign head of state? It’s nothing personal about the Queen or her family, it is only about needing to have a home grown head of state) so it was a bit of a strange experience sometimes – like singing “God Bless the Queen” but I made sure I sung loudly all the words to “Advance Australia Fair”.

So standing on the steps of the Opera House in the blazing sun at 30 degrees (92F) I was sun burnt for the first time this year watching all the dignitaries arrive – the Opposition Leader, the Prime Minister, the Governer of NSW, the Governer General and then finally the Queen and her Prince.

I realised a few weeks ago that if went to another land that has royalty I would be curious to see their monarchs. Why should I not have the same curiousity about the English monarch? I must confess that Crown Princess Mary is the spark behind my curiousity and interest. I’d liked Princess Dianna because I was a little girl when I watched her marry her Prince. So I understand that old fascination. But the Queen has always been that little bit different for me – I’m not of her generation really.

But there you go, off to town I went on Monday to see the Queen and I really enjoyed myself. I met lovely people in the crowd (maybe 2000 big), the security officers were interesting to watch and talk to, the reviewing of the troops were interesting, I got to see a range of fancy people I wouldn’t normally see and I got to see the Queen.

On top of all that I found out my dad and Pop went to see the Queen in 1973 at the Opera House when she opened it! What a small world it can be.

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Smiles and giggles,


2 Responses to Going to Town to See the Queen

  1. Kel 21 March 2006 at 10:00 am #

    It’s nice to know that (accidently) you are carrying on a family tradition.

    As with you, the Queen is not of my generation. I also think of Princess Diana + Princess Mary when I think of royalty. I was amazed at how beautiful the Queen looked in photo’s of her opening the Opera House. She was somewhere around 50 years old at the time. She really was very beautiful in her heyday.

  2. Belinda 22 March 2006 at 12:02 am #

    Here’s hoping others will say we look beautiful in our 50’s and that they are our heyday!

    Belinda 🙂

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