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Going With The Flow- Part 2

This month’s article is simply about lessons learnt about having your C:drive wiped out by a nasty virus.

I thought I was being rather smart about protecting the contents of my computer. I have two drives – C: drive for applications and a physically separate drive – D: drive – for my data (documents, images, spreadsheets etc). I back up my D: data drive regularly and keep copies of the CD’s at different physical locations so that if anything happened to my computer or home then I could easily rebuild a new computer.

Well that logic works to a point. When I lost my C: drive to a virus (a family of them really) I didn’t loose any of my D: data drive files. But I lost a lot more than I thought I would.

For instance, all my email addresses and messages are lost. We were able to capture some files in recovery but each time I try to access one of these files I’m unable to open it because it is corrupted. So I can’t use them.

Now I’m backing up my emails to my D: drive so they are captured in my regular data backup burning to CD process. But I need to find out how to backup my email address book to my D: data drive too.

I lost my eBay Turbolister tool which I now realised wasn’t backed up at all (!!!). This means I’ve lost all of my listings. I have the description part made in Dreamweaver and fortunately those data files were saved in the D: drive but that is only part of a listing, I still need to recreate all the listings. Before I do that I need to reinstall Turbolister. So no eBay sales have been happening.

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