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Google Checkout and PayPal – What's Happening?

Hey there,

Well Google has launched their online payment tool, “Google Checkout” and PayPal looks to have some real competition now.

As a PayPal merchant I get frustrated with the fees and levels of customer service but as it really hasn’t had much competition I’ve gone with it, especially as it had cheaper setup costs than the bank I’m a merchant with. And when PayPal works it works well, it is secure and widely accepted.

I’m delighted that there is real competition coming, yes, Google has it sorted for the US market but not the larger international market. So here’s hoping they have that launched soon. But how soon is soon? If I had my say it would be tomorrow but that’s not the case for now.

Here aresome interesting links: Google Checkout : Google Checkout Blog :  eBay’s Fears Confirmed: Google Launches Checkout Service.

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