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Gotta Love Our Collectors!

Hey there,

Don’t you just love “Collectors” (ABC on Friday at 8.00pm) and the discoveries they make with goodies and characters?

They describe themselves as:

“Collectors is not just a showcase for collectables. It’s a wonderful expose of peoples’ curious habits and obsessions, offering practical hints on all manner of things – what’s hot in the intriguing, world of collecting, how to care for and display one’s coveted find, the thrill of the chase, and of course the pitfalls along the journey.”

And I think this is fairly much spot on. Being on a Friday night I don’t always get to see “Collectors” but it certainly is one of my favourites when I can.

“Collectors” is hosted by comedian Andy Muirhead, Gordon Brown, Adrian Franklin and Niccole Warren and is set in Screen Tasmania’s new Hobart studio.

So what are the sort of things they’ve intrigued us with? How about jewellery, beads, textiles, glass, ventriloquist dolls, fine china, dolls and teddy bears, ties, 50’s and 60’s prints, mirrors, football cards, fashion clothes, handbags and shoes, bush furniture, car mascots, toy cars, engines, art glass, Clement Meadmore designs, Kewpie dolls, travel posters, Coca Cola memorabilia, French Antique Coffee roaster, skateboards, antique tools and so much more!

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