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Creativity and Gratitude

Giving thanks, showing your appreciation, having gratitude for who is in your life and what they bring into it is so important for not just ourselves, but those we are thanking.

Ideal creative client gifts

Creative gift ideas for relationship building for your business

The best business relationships are the ones with an element of the personal; those we enjoy doing business with.

They are the clients we like the most, the team members and collaborators we have truly productive partnerships with.

But remembering to say thank you can tricky, we might say it in how we praise them to another but forget to actually say it to them.

So that’s where gratitude gifts come in. Giving a token of your appreciation that reflects the authenticity, the genuine qualities of your relationship in a manner that matches your own passion and dedication for your business.

Finding such a gift can be easier than we think when you include elements such as artisan, originality, uniqueness and fine quality.

The Creatively Belle artisan Gratitude Gifts are all of that and more. Made with Australia’s finest porcelain, Southern Ice porcelain, they are soft and hard at the same time, light and strong, highly tactile and on top of all that, captivating.

Made with passion in a small studio based by the water, in the harbour city of Sydney, they are all unique with no pattern the same.

Our artisan treasures are available singularly or in larger orders. We offer special discounts for orders over 99 pieces.

Connect with me today to find out about pricing and options for our range of design ideas.

Standing out from the Crowd

For many of us giving a gift at Christmas time to clients, supports and team members is a logical time but we’re concerned about being caught up in the noise of everything else happening at that time of year. So to stand out from the crowd and connect with those who are important to you I’ve come up with some alternative dates and reasons.

5 Alternative Gift Giving Dates

1. Beginning of Spring to celebrate new starts

2. The start of the New Financial Year

3. An anniversary that is important to your business  – when it was launched for example – or to your client’s.

4. A culturally significant date like International Women’s Day or International Day of Peace

5. Summer or Winter Solstice

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