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Handcrafted Christmas Tree Decorations to Delight

I’ve been having a wonderful time working with the porcelain clay to create beautiful porcelain jewellery and Christmas tree decorations.

I’ve even managed to take photos of the entire range of the Christmas tree decorations.

Handmade Christmas tree decorations by Creatively Belle

This is the full range that went to market at The Rocks last weekend and started going to new homes straight away.

Hand made Christmas decorations by Creatively Belle using Southern Ice porcelain

One side is glazed while the other has a beautiful lace imprint detail.

I’ve made these much thicker than the brooches so they are robust for hanging from our best quality porcelain – Southern Ice Porcelain.

More are just coming out of the kiln this morning so I will be taking them with me to the Christmas Mosman market this afternoon and off to the Friday night Rocks market tomorrow.

I’ll have a range of them at Kirribilli markets on Saturday and Mei will have some at The Rocks Markets.

I’ll be at The Rocks Markets on Sunday with all that I have left. This is my last market before Christmas so be sure to come along over the next four days to get beautifully locally made, quality gifts – it’s also the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and family on a day out before Christmas!

See you there!

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