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Handmade Lampwork Beads in Jewelry

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Many of the focal glass beads used in Creatively Belle designs are called Lampwork beads. Lampwork bead jewelry is captivating, especially with how the light is captured by the handmade lampwork beads.

Lampworking, a crucial glassmaking technique, consists of reheating glass tubes or canes with the aid of a special lamp in order to rework them into new designs.

These lamps burn gas until it becomes malleable. The softened glass can be twisted or pressed into a wide range of forms. Lampwork glass beads have been used is glass beaded jewelry for centuries.

These are hand made beads, each one unique and able to capture the light in a special way.

We use imported lampwork beads from the Czech Republic, so the top quality encased lampwork beads (the Chinese lampwork beads do break easily because they are cooled too quickly so are weak). The Czech Lampwork glass beads are strong and brilliant because they are properly made by artisans.

We create lampwork glass jewelry, including lampwork necklace designs and handmade lampwork glass beaded earrings – dangle earrings, clip earrings and more.

One of the best way to show off your beloved drop earrings is with earring holders.

Show Off Your Lampwork Beaded Earrings in Style! Click here.

With 60 holes the three tier earring stands can carry a pair of earrings per hole. Earrings can also hang over the decoration.

See more of our handmade lampwork bead jewelry online in our jewelry Design Gallery.


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