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Joey in the Pouch Necklace


Australian made baby kangaroo joey necklace – tactile, charming and all about love and being safe and easily makes every day creative.

All kangaroos and wallabies are rather reserved creatures when they have young to raise and can take off very quickly.  This little bub is based on a little one I was lucky enough to be allowed to see.

This blue and white kangaroo joey necklace is for anyone who loves kangaroos and can be ideal for the kangaroo collector in your life.

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This adorable little joey looking out of her mum’s snug pouch is based on the big eyed baby kangaroos and wallabies I saw in Tasmania.

Mums can be rather shy about letting you see their joeys so it is a delightful privilege when they hang around long enough and let their youngster stick their heads out.

I think our kangaroos and wallabies are mesmerising and I’ll happily watch a mob grazing for as long as they find what they are after.


I’ve painted this little joey originally in watercolour paints – Daniel Smith watercolors in the this case – and then printed them in under glaze so I can fire my painting into the porcelain.

If you like something that is exactly the same as the next one, this is not for you. On the other hand, if you value quality artisan designs that are tactile, beautiful and unusual you’ll love these treasures.

Each joey is unique, giving you something special and captivating. Made in an artisan process over a series of weeks in a sunny coastal studio with multiple kiln firings, each joey is different and reflects its handmade origin.

The joey are part of my series of paintings of Australian animals, including koalas, platypuses, wallabies, sea birds and wombats.

Artisan Gift Details

Made from Australia’s finest porcelain – Southern Ice Porcelain – and glazed so can handle everyday life (including washing off the odd bit of dinner).

All designs are made by Belinda in Sydney, Australia.

Necklace 3.5cm by 5cm

Chain Silver Plated 80cm (32″) long

Meet the Inspiration for the Joey

This watercolour painting is based on actual kangaroos and wallabies I see each year I visit Tasmania. You can see lots of wallabies and kangaroos in all Australian states and territories.

Wallaby in the bracken

A Narawntapu National Park wallaby

Wallaby mum and joey at Freycinet National Park

A Wallaby mum and joey at Freycinet National Park


I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness – it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude. – Brene Brown

Ideal for Thank you gifts for treasured clients, collaborators and team members.


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